Dec '17 - Present / Senior Product Manager, Payments

Etsy, Brooklyn NY, United States

  • Leading the product strategy for payments at Etsy, with the objective to have the most resilient, frictionless and scalable payments platform for buyers, sellers and Etsy globally

Jul '15 - Dec '17 / Senior Product Manager, Global Product Development - Virtual and Mobile Payments

American Express, New York City, United States

  • Driving complex tokenization capabilities to enable virtual payments for corporate customers globally
  • Translating the business strategy into a global, prioritized product roadmap, clear user stories and acceptance criterias for mobile, digital and virtual payment products for card- and non-card members
  • Working cross functionally with vendor, UX designers & information architects, engineers, business architects, business leadership, marketing and account development
  • Founding member of the internal product club to establish a product community within American Express to exchange product knowledge among peers, learn from each other and external product managers through organized events

Apr '15 - Jul '15 / Consultant, Web + Product Management ad. int., New York City / Los Angeles, United States

  • With my vast experience in web and mobile product management, White Andreetto Consulting hired me for a temporary assignment on an innovation project for one of the largest insurance companies in the US.
  • My mission is to establish a lean product organization and a competitive roadmap to build the next generation of web and mobile platforms.

Jul '14 - Feb '15 / Product Manager

Softcard (acquired by Google), New York, United States

Founded by Verizon Wireless, AT&T and T-Mobile, Softcard is one of the leading mobile payment solution that provides customers a mobile wallet to pay at more than 200.000 stores nationwide.

[In February 2015, Google acquired Softcard technology to improve Google Wallet.]

  • Leading the relationship between Verizon Wireless and Softcard interacting with senior leadership, product-, project- and service management as well as IT, network and development teams
  • Overseeing consistency of all projects, processes, platforms, distribution and operations on multiple operating systems on more than 100 compatible devices
  • Driving cross-divisional teams at Verizon Wireless, Softcard and external partners under aggressive timelines through scoping, development and release
  • Striving to deliver the best on-boarding and product experience for customers which has led to 20k activations per day and a base of several million customers and a growth rate of more than 40% of active users using the mobile wallet

Mar '12 - Oct '13 / Product Manager AG (a Swisscom company), Zurich, Switzerland

The most frequented search engine and mobile app in Switzerland with more than 4 million unique visitors per month (Switzerland’s population: 8.1 million); a one-stop-shop to find businesses and book restaurants on the web and mobile phone (a combination of Yelp, Foursquare, Google Business and OpenTable).

  • Responsible for the development, implementation, marketing and maintenance of the product portfolio (business films, virtual tours and SME websites) for web and mobile search.
  • Analyzed new market opportunities to generate additional value for users, new ways for advertisers and thus achieved a combined annual revenue growth of 15%
  • Turned the non-profitable business film segment to profit leading to an annual savings of $80,000 p.a. on a total product revenue of $680,000
  • Strengthened the positioning of the local 360° product (business-place virtual tours) to 7% revenue growth
  • Established and built up the new service to create websites in-house for SMEs and became the largest provider of websites in Switzerland within 1.5 years

Sep '10 - Nov '11 / Senior Project Manager, Service Design B2C & B2B

Orange Communications SA, Zurich, Switzerland

Orange is the 7th largest telecommunications operator in the world with more than 230 million customers.

  • Extensive analysis of the service delivery portfolio of customer care to support management in forming and prioritizing the roadmap to accomplish its mid and long term mission
  • Led the widest spanning program since the business customer service had been established 10 years prior aiming to deliver cutting edge service delivery and transform customer care into a true revenue generating asset:
  • Revised how customers contact the business customer service with a dedicated first-to–market telephony conceptand CRM: every customer, whatever size, has a dedicated number and customer care agent to call. No IVR, hotline number or changing contacts
  • Remodeled the after-sales segmentation by adapting the customer care and sales organization and introduced flexible salary for customer care
  • Awarded first place above 10 other countries’ projects in a customer experience challenge for the France Telecom Group (FTG)

Apr '10 - Sep '10 / Project Manager, Channels Strategy & Efficiency B2C & B2B

Orange Communications SA, Zurich, Switzerland

  • Supporting top management in developing the service delivery strategy for Orange’s channels including Customer Service, Sales Force, Web and Shops. Assessed and sharpened all processes created by customer’s demands in terms of quality, cost and customer’s satisfaction
  • Revamp of the technical support organization for residential and business customers with new support teams, reengineering of the incident management processes as well as re-structuring of the IVR/telephony routing

Feb '08 - Apr '10 / Project Manager, Service Program Management B2B

Orange Communications SA, Zurich, Switzerland

  • Drove the implementation of products and services in the B2B division, including risk analysis, business requirements writing and assurance, internal and external communication as well as post-launch analysis
  • Introduction of the fixed line portfolio for business customers including the carrier pre-select offer Office Team, Office VoIP and Office Number (virtual PBX)
  • National and international pricing schemes for businesses’ mobile phone telephony including data options as well as roaming solutions

May '07 - Aug '07 / Intern, Business- and Technology Department

Net-Mobile UK, London, United Kingdom

Net-Mobile is an international full-service provider for mobile and added-value services and payment solutions with 500+ customers in 40+ countries.

  • Streamlined the offering process for account managers and supported multiple projects in the business- and technology development unit

Aug '00 - Dec '06 / Co-Founder and Board Member, Olten, Switzerland

  • Established and managed the internet platform as a start-up company, one of the largest social music communities in Switzerland with more than 17’000 registered members

Work Recommendations


"Andreas is one of the most thorough, determined and structured professionals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Having been introduced to him by my business partner, we engaged him to deliver work to revitalise the hiring strategy of an important client of ours. Andreas was the one who kept us on track for this project, holding my business partner and I to commitments and deadlines and ensuring the highest possible quality of delivery. He is the safest pair of hands I know. 

The breadth of experience that Andreas displays is also astounding. At once product manager, developer, consultant, mobile guru, project manager and inspiration, he took on a multitude of roles throughout his work with us. 

Lastly, he managed all of this while working remotely from us, and from our client. He was flexible and generous with his time, and I very quickly came to trust him to lead client engagement. I would not hesitate to work with Andreas again."

- Lisa White, WHITEANDREETTO, 2016 - Lisa was Andreas' client


"I had the pleasure of working with Andreas for the majority of 2014. He's a dedicated, insightful leader committed to the success of the team and the company. He has an amazing ability to build long lasting relationships while at the same time demanding operational excellence. He would be an asset to any company."

- Michael Schaefer, Softcard, 2015 - Michael managed Andreas at Softcard


"I have the pleasure to work with Andreas on a number of Strategic projects. He shows a very professional behavior for all aspects of his work and has excellent knowledge about Project and Program Management. I especially admire his structured and calm way of doing things even under high pressure and in stressful times. The delivery was always outstanding and I am looking forward to work with him on projects to come." 

- Christoph Winter, Orange Communications, 2011 - Christoph managed Andreas at Orange Communications


"Andreas is great team member. During our collaboration he achieved major projects delivered improving B2B customer satisfaction increase as well as new revenue stream generation. Next to theses deliveries Andreas has demonstrated strong autonomy and very structured approach in project management as well as process optimization  I warmly recommend Andreas for any Project Management position in a dynamic environment."

- Nadim Dziri, Orange Communications, 2010 - Nadim managed Andreas at Orange Communications


"Andreas played a key role in the deployment of multiplay offers for business customers. His strong analytical skills, his customer focus and his solid background in company processes brought an essential contribution to the project team. It would be a pleasure to work with him again in the future."

- Pascal Jobin, Orange Communications, 2009 - Pascal worked with Andreas at Orange Communications


"I have worked with Andreas on several projects for Orange Switzerland. Andreas is a very smart person. He is very dedicated, well structured, goal oriented and an excellent team player. Even under considerable time pressure he did always delivery high quality work and has proven to be highly efficient in his work. I can give Andreas my highest recommendation."

- Thomas Kläusli, Orange Communications, 2009 - Thomas worked with Andreas at Orange Communications


"We could always rely on Andreas. He delivered high quality work on time, was motivated and we appreciated hisattention to detail. I can highly recommend Andreas."

- Christoph Burgdorfer, Net-Mobile UK, 2007 - Christoph managed Andreas at Net-Mobile UK