Great architecture for a city with limited space. The Hong Kong Alternative Car Park Tower, designed by Chris Y. H. Chan + Stephanie M. L. Tan, is an alternative building typology that could fit for a city with very limited land resources. At the same time, they are critiquing the current developments of most metropolitan cities: growing rapidly without vision and preparation for our human future.

Most cities still utilize the logic of 19th and 20th century design whereas this traditional urban/architecture logic does not involve consideration of sustainable strategies and socio-cultural interactions in a never-ending world. This carpark becomes a testing field for us to pose out an alternative type of our city but not only a carpark tower.

This carpark tower segregates into five layers and laminate five open air public platforms and dining areas. This kind of mixed-use and hybrid design could enrich the value of this building. The building no longer becomes a city of amenities, but more or less becoming a public precinct for people to live, to enjoy, to rest, and to celebrate.

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