This is the world's most expensive beer! The beer has been brewed by the Danish brewery Jacobsen Brewhouse and is named Vintage Nr. 1. It comes corked and wax-sealed in a slender, misty green bottle, just like a bottle of vintage champagne. To sip this delicious beer one has to table not less than 2008 DKK (393 USD, 434 CHF) per bottle!

Vintage Nr.1 is the only contemporary beer produced in JC Jacobsen’s original 1847 cellar today, the unique brew possesses a complex mix of flavours. Further, the beer has 10.5 per cent alcohol by volume and by ageing six month in Swedish and French oak the beer has smoky caramel and vanilla aroma. Vintage Nr.1 is limited in edition and as a consequence only 600 bottles has been produced.

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